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Environment day is meant for propagating the importance of the environment in our day to day life. There are more than 7 millions of species on this earth according to some researchers. But the problem is that we are losing almost 14000-40000 per year. That is at a rate of 2-5 species per hour. This is at an alarming rate. We can't tolerate that. Increasing pollution is making the situation worst. Global temperature is increasing each year. Climatic changes are being observed every season. These are the symptoms of the death if our biodiversity. We should stop that by strict and possible measure with in our limited days. Environment day helps in that. It helps to male the people aware about the importance of the environment. We should start new programme for the protection of environment. Plants should be planted throughout. Only by the whole effort we can make some changes. Then only our future generation can thrive on this earth
In environment day we should clean the city and keep clean..... We have to plant many trees and small plants ......So that we should be helpful in environment day....