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* a practical young man, who could not appreciate romanticism in the world around him.

* fond of drinking and eating; not too fond of working hard.

* not much imagination and was more aggressive than the other two.

* had a strange fascination for cemeteries and tombs

* not much aesthetic sense and dressed in loud colors like orange and yellow, which did not suit him.

*a terrible singer and could never remember the words to a song.

*thought he could cook well, but as the incident with the eggs showed, he was not a good cook either.

* frank and outspoken young man, which was evident when he ensured that George did not play his Banjo within his hearing.

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Harris does not want to sleep outside,
he is not poetic.
He is fond of drinks and food
 he love to take responsibilities but later he put on others .
 . His boastful nature always made him in trouble .
He was not a good cook , frank, outspoken boy
.He love to dress in loud colours and a terrible singer.
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