As i entered the house i saw a white cloth is moving and its shape looked like as someone is hiding behind that white cloth.I went there and tried to remove that cloth soon as i remove the cloth it fall down suddenly.......................................... 
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As I entered my house I saw my sister trying to attempt suicide. I was alarmed and ran to his help. I was on time and was able to help him. I thanked all gods. I thrashed her what she tried to do. I wondered what happened to her. I wanted to ask the reason but I thought the situation was not right. I tried to stay calm. My sister was crying. Then I thought I should ask her the reason.
                                               When I asked her she told me that she was fed up of her life. Then she started to say what her real problem was. She had gone to Banglore for her studies. There she fell in love with a boy named Jibin. Becuase of that she became weak in her studies. Now she has failed in all the subjects. Jibin had also betrayed her. She wasn't able to tell my parents about her failure. She started to think that there was no worth in living anymore. So she tried to commit suicide. After saying this my sister started to cry. I consoled her. I went and told my parents. They were very angry at first. But I managed to make them calm. They took my sister to a psychologist.
 Now she is perfectly normal. She started to study more better than before and scored first in the exam. Now she is very happy and brave enough to face any difficult situations.
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i like the story very much bt it should be little interesting yaar
by the way thankx u both guys becoz of u two i can able to complete my 1st school assingnment