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Being with you is a blissful pain ,
Even this smile , I just pretend,
I'll slowly fade away , never be seen again ,
This can't grow ,but you will never comprehend ,
Because , You're just my best friend
Let me see
What you are to me.
I meet many folks all days
Who help me in many ways;
But at each day's end,
You are just my best friend.
Kind of weird to think of myself as possessive, but here goes.

" They got too close, I pushed them away
All the niceties, for your sake I bend
call me crazy, but let me say
Be with me,You are just 'my' best friend "
No other's hand shall stroke your frets
Nor fingers pluck your strings
No other's arms shall hold you close
You are just my best friend.

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The r those who r always there to support u in your hard times and never leave u alone.
they dont cry with u when u do rather they make make faces such that u burst out laughing.
they always be with u no matter who so ever betrays u.
ur goodname?
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r u a girl