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The important and main aim of sarva shiksha abhiyan is to educate the total India and the achievements are:::
-->Most of the children of the age 6-14yrs are educated now.
 -->many people of India got a positive idea/reflection to the education of children.
-->even the girls are also going to schools now and are being educated. -->many people of India started to think about the society etc....
--->people have changed they have left the orthodoxy feelings and are stepping forward to educate girls.we can that this is the greatest achievement of sarava shiksha abhiyan
. -->and also by sarva shiksha abhiyan the children are receiving free textbooks,free uniform and also mid-day meals in government schools. -->parents are showing much interest to educate children as they are getting free education,books,mid-day meals etc.....
 -->this made our india to be an educated country but the only wish of sarva shiksha abhiyan is to change our india to a totally educated India.
-->many people are coming forward to educate every child in india and if any child is working as a child labour/etc.. many people are coming forward to inform these situations to social workers,officers etc....
-->this really is a very great change in india,and i think these are few achievements of sarva shiksha abhiyan.
and recently modi has introduced beti bachao beti padao mission in which girls can be educated etc....

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