The post-industrial society is largely due to the shift in the kinds of work and the processing of information technology. There is much emphasis on information processing and therefore, sometimes the emerging post-industrial society is also called ‘information society’. Regarding the nature of the emergence of this new society, there has been a debate among sociologists. Bell, Castells, Gordon, Gorz, Porat and Touraine have been the major contributors to this debate. These theorists have developed the construct of information society or the post-industrial society with their own perspective.
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In industrial society, great industrial complexes came into existence, with traditional means of transport and communication. Eg: Detroit. With the advancement in communication technologies and transport system, developing industrial units can be located in a dispersed fashion. Now you can mass produce goods in India which was designed in a location in U.S. You just need to send the design to India.

In future There will be decline in traditional industries and agricultural sector at this time. The rise of new technology information and communication drastically changed the way work was performed.
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