Yes i think election leads to change.after eveey 5 years we have a new president.we have certain problems in getting comfortable with the other as a fact election leads to a great change.

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Genrally ,  People of the country wish to live upholding their constitutional rights.  They want the governemtn to do benefit them, control prices and give a secure living environment to them.  THey elect a government that makes policies and ordinances which benefit the people of the country.  If a particular governmnet due to a vast majority in the parliament, acts like a dictator - only one sided domination and it does not heed to people's needs, cries and voices, then the lives of people are at a disadvantage. Their fundamental rights are violated. The government can take advantage of monopoly situation due ot its majority.

But after 5 years there are elections in which the people get to choose a new government that will promise to do good for the people. If there are no elections, only one government continues. Thus election brings a change. It can be in the ruling party itself or it can be about some representatives...
Elections always bring a lot of change, new hope, new promises, new concessions, new schemes etc. to people.
The change we are talking here is not the change in ruling party - it is the change in the way government approaches people, government's policy to the people. etc.