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Iam  impressed by kalam.
coming from such a poor family and achieving a great success. today we all want luxury . but he read with the street light.
he understood the pain of handicaps and designed weightless artificial leg. he is a great patriotic person. he is close to students.he is great in different aspects.
we have to admire his parents-ashima and jainulabdin to bring up such a wonderful indian.

the below pic - kalam ,a paper boy.
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Personality- it defines how a person is. It often breaks the shackles made by the wealth and status in a society. Because a wealthy man needn't be having a good personality. Often the experiences we have in our life moulds our personality. It will affect our way of thinking and approach. I don't know whether this looks like boasting ...but the personality I love most is mine. Because I'm having my own reasons and facts for that. Even before couple of months I was just like a normal boy who thinks like alike with no much dreams, having all kinda funs a boy of my age ( 17 ) could possibly have. But then only some harsh realities came in to my life. I came across those barriers accepting the challenge. I started reading lot of books. They changed my way of thinking and approach. I'm the happiest one . I can sleep peacefully and wake up happily. I'm not afraid of anything. More over I live according to my wishes . No can possibly alter that. My decisions are final according to my intuition. It is often difficult for people to live according to his / her dreams. But now I'm dreaming so high and is living for that. The problem in the present society is that they often miss their own breauty and wealth and go on complaining for what they are not having. They are totally impressed on the personalities of others. But misses theirs. We should be thankful for what we are having. We should be proud of our personality. There is nothing like good and bad. That depends on the character of the people. So just do what your heart says it's right. Because it's gonna be airways right for you. Love yourselves and respect your personality. Once you try to copy someone else's character, then unknowingly you will follow the mistakes of them.