1)limestone is used on skyscrapers to coat the outer blocks to protect them.
2) lime stone can be used for water treatment.
3) limestone can be used for acid gas removal.
4) limestone can be used for the production of organic chemicals.
5) limestone also makes it more alkali and naturalizes the soil and makes it better to grow crops in.
6) limestone is also used to make architectural structures such as the pyramids, they choose limestone because it is strong and can withstand weather.
7) it is the raw material for cement
8) it is used as road stone (in the pavement or macadam)
9) as a food (our bones are made of calcium form limestone)
10) as a soil improver to make soils more alcaline
11) in toothpaste 
12) in scouring powder
13) in antacid medicines
14) in the chemical industry 

1.Large caves and numerous sinkholes are oftenfound in areas that have significant limestoneformations.2. Forms of limestone pavement can be found in many places in the world, especially in Alpine and Mediterranean areas. 3. . Most of them are found in shallow water areas etc.
Lomrstone is used in a cement industry.
limestone is also a majar raw material for making its alloy.
it is also used in the manufacturing of bleaching powder, paints etc.