Why is light considered as a dual nature of matter?
the data states that light when hit on a matter (i.e prism)
it shows particle nature but rather when light actually falls on a matter (i.e prism) we see its wave nature similar thing occurs in the refraction on light.. Why?




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With particle theory of light all the behavior of light could not be explained.

certain phenomena like scattering can be explained using particle nature. Reflection and Refraction can be explained by wave model / nature of light.  Phenomena like diffraction and interference (and double slit experiment etc )can only be explained using wave model.

particle theory - photon theory - radiation and absorption, energy in a beam and some other phenomena are explained by this theory.

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Light have dual nature it shows one is particle and one is wave.
it have dual because in both case it react differently like when it get reflect and refract