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                                                 A TIGER

Sunday are days of relaxation. But last Sunday turned out to be unusually exciting. Early morning we were swung into action on receiving a call from my aunt that a leopard had crept into their house. Fortunately the family was outside in the lawn and now were afraid to enter the house because they di not know which room has it chosen for itself. One brave passerby locked the door of the house and the police was called. The entired area was cordoned off and the forest and the Zoological department too rushed to the spot. The leopard was spotted in the first room of the house. Through the window tranquilizer darts were fired at the leopard. Finally a cage was set at the washroom door and the leopard was trapped. So, my last Sunday was spend amidst high drama that got resolved only by the evening.
A potato:once upon a time there lived a small boy called siddharh.he lived with his parents and his elder brother.his brother was a very bold boy.but siddharth was a very sweet and simple boy.his father had a business of making and selling food in a dhaba.siddharth has to lose his father as well as his mother at a very young age that is when he was about 12 and his brother was about 16 years old.they had no one to look after them there money was gradually a result they were becoming that time siddharhs elder brother stopped his studies and started their business of dhaba back.he wanted siddharth to study.siddharth helped his elder brother very much.when he was about 18 ,he became an expert in being a chef.his dhaba became very famous.they made a abother dhaba with the money they have earned.siddharth ,when was small he had made a potato as his god ganesha.he always kept it with him .he was a big fan of he grew uo he made a idon of iron in the shape of potato as ganesha.he worshipped the idol every day.he and his elder brother never stopped in their life and continue earning fame.