Approximately 32 nations currently use reservation of legislative seats for minority voices, whether by race, ethnicity, language, religion, or territory. Romania has among the most extensive and complicated arrangement of reserved seats, with 18 different ethnic minorities currently provided special parliamentary representation.

*India has seats in the Parliament of the country, State Assemblies, Local Municipal Bodies and Village level institutions reserved for untouchable castes, also called Dalits or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
* The election of Untouchables and Tribes candidates is by a Joint or mixed electorate, which includes all castes. 
*Out of 543 constituencies in India's parliament, a total of 131 seats (18.42%) are Reserved or blocked for Representatives from Scheduled Castes(84) and Scheduled Tribes(47) only.
*This is different from separate electorate practiced in other countries. Two Indian states, Kerala and Bihar, have parliamentary reserved seats for the Anglo-Indian community.
*so they reserve seats for minority