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Brahmi is a script in ancient india. Tamil brahmi is the variant of brahmi script in the region of tamilnadu, andhra pradesh, karnataka, sri lanka. This scirpt is used to write the language TAMIL. that is the written form of tamil language is brahmi.

In india we had mainly 4 castes,  Brahmin, Vaisya (merchants), kshatriyas (kings), kshudras (lowe level people).Brahmins are high caste people used to be pandits, scholars, economists, pujaris, educated in Vedas, sanskrit. They were abole perform social events & functions like marriage. Traditionally brahmins do not eat meat or egg.A tamil brahmin is a brahmin born in tamil nadu,  and follows the specific customs of that region.
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Brahmi was a script mainly used in south india during 5th and 2nd century bc to the 6th century. It was mainly used in present states like tamil nadu, kerala, andhrapradesh. It is also found that, tamil brahmi was used in some northern parts of Srilanka. It was from the excavations,drawings on rocks, wood,....etc..that we came to understand about it's history. We can consider this as the earliest proofs or documents  of Dravidian language. Tamil brahmi had it's own peculiarities when compared with actual brahmi. There is no clear evidence that , whether any peculiar members of some religions like jainism had used this...or else one.