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For a long time jainism was followed by many regions in the indian subcontinent. Around 8th century , the decline started due to the growth of Hindus and muslims. They also suppressed the religion Jainism.
Kings and royal persons withdrew their support to this religion. Hindu philosopher Sankaracharya propagated extensively Hindu religion. There were many sets in Jainism and the religion got fragmented and became weaker.
Shaivism, buddism also rose higher at the expense of jainism.

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Jainism is a non theistic Indian religion. This religion actually tells us about the path followed by our Gandhiji (i knew, this religion took before his birth). That is, ahimsa and non- violence towards all living beings. With a great number of followers this religion got popularity soon and within a least time it became the most popular religion in India. But this religion declined in the eighth century. It was mainly due to the growth of Hindu and Islam religion. These two got followers and they began to oppress the Jainism. It was because that, the aim and believes of those two religion got popularity in the hearts of people who wished for a change....but that actually caused the death of a religion- jainism...