8.    ‘Every child deserve a better life , help them to have  one’
Chubala Ozukum PWC

9.    ‘Support and protect the pillars of the nation’
Chubala Ozukum PWC

10. ‘Say no to child labour’, say yes to child education’
Chubala Ozukum PWC

11.    ‘I don’t practice child labour, Do you?’
Chubala Ozukum PWC

12.    ‘Let us all be ready to guard and defend our precious children’
Chubala Ozukum PWC

13.    ‘Let us give proper care to all he children for  the betterment of our family ,society because children are the future generation in our society’
Bithung Kittan PWC

14. ‘Every kid deserves their childhood’

15.    ‘Its  way too early for the to contribute to the country’s economy’
Imnajungla Aier PWC

16.    ‘One day they will be ready, nature them now’

17.    ‘Help help they are stealing my childhood’
Ikatoli Achumi ,PWC

18.    ‘Stop child labour give them the privileged  and rights they deserve’
Teresa, PWC

19.    ‘Stop child labour’    
Kinaholi Z,PWC

20. ‘Prevent child  labour, It forks  the world from better future’

21.    ‘Stop child labour to foresee a rich future world’
Abetoli kiba,PWC

22. ‘Stop child labour ,future depends on them’
Kaheli Chophy, PWC

23. ‘I love children’                    
Avi.Y.Yepthomi, PWC

24. ‘Let all child grow in peace, let every child be free’        

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“Child In Pain Is No Gain!”
“Do A Favor , Avoid Child Labour.”“Do Them A Favor, Stop Child Labor”
“Put The Child In Class Not In Glass”
“Small Hands Can Handle A Pen Better.”
“Child Is Meant To Learn, Not To Earn..”
“Love Your Children – Stop Child Labor!”
“Don’T Be Wild, Don’T Force Work On A Child”
“For A Better Nation, Stop Child Exploitation”
“Protect Child Development – Stop ChildLabor.”
“Let Children Be Children, Not Child Laborers.“You Should Fear, If You Have Child Labor Here”
“Child Is Your Heart Not Born To Push Your Cart”
“Factories Aren’T For Children – Stop Child Labor!”
“Kids Working For Money? They Are Too Young Honey!”
“Give Your Girl Child Pencil, But Not To Wash Utensil.”
“Children Labor Is Severe, Don’T Make Them Shed A Tear”
“Work Is For Adults, Play And Education Is For Children.”
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