Write a dialogue between you and your friend in about 10turns..discuss the right of all animals to live with dignity and safety.you may talk about any

animal,for instances how horses often forced to pull carriages when too old and unwell or about their ill treatment often meted to street dogs



Naina- Hi Pooja How are you?Pooja- Well, I am fine. Naina- Do you know?  today I read an article on animal rights.It was very nice. I  think why the animals are abused and tortured. Pooja- Yes, I also think so animals also have the right to live with dignity and safety.Naina- Animals are killed and abused by human beings. But animals also have rights to live with dignity on the earth.Forests are being cut and there homes are being destroyed. Why man is doing this with them?Pooja- Animal also has honour and dignity which cannot be arbitrarily deprived of and its rights and privacy have to be respected and protected from unlawful attacks.Naina- Well I think we should do something to make awareness between our friends about rights of animals and we should also protest if we see anyone abusing the animals.Pooja- Yes we should be the voice of the animals who can't protest for themselves.Naina - Lets go to the teacher and tell her about our plan . I am sure she will give us some ideas.Pooja- Yes , lets go. 
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Me - animals are wonderful creation of god
friend - yes , they are sometimes not given any position
me - i think the tigers are our national animal but they are not preserved
friend - yes the poachers hunt them illegally
me - tigers must be preserved as they are our national animal
friend - haven`t you seen  " The truth of tigers " a film by shekar dattatri
me - he is a famous wildlife conserver he tells us about how the tigers must be saved
friend - the film is very informative
me - the tigers are also known as orange cats
friend - the tigers and all other animals have full rights to live in this earth
me - we should always try to protect them
friend - we should never harm them
me - they are the beauty of the nature