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First of all, knowing history of anything in the world helps you to know how that thing is evolved over time. In case of science and mathematics, different theories are evolved over time. Consider the example of atomic theory, at the starting of jainism, they provided some basis of atomic theory and after that day by day evolution of the theory happened means different modifications are done in the atomic theory by upcoming scientists. Dalton gave atomic theory and said that atom is the smallest particle but after certain time proton,electron and neutron came into figure. So, by knowing the history of science and mathematics we gain our knowledge in steps and step wise knowledge helps to understand in better way. or
Because it is the best way to understand the development of the scientific method, critical thought and the pitfalls of reasoning without logic. You can learn about the benefits of debate without acrimony, the sharing of information and valuing the contribution of others.Doesn't always work tho', but you will see the work of the church through an entirely different light.
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