Relation between Brothers and sisters                                            are off limits
Though we hear that Brothers and sisters fight each other hardly, the basis of the fight is the love for each other. A brother /Sister who is been missing since certain time; the most who is worried about him/her is his/her brother/sister. There are a lot of qualities between a brother and a sister relation ship. They help each other, love each other,worry for each other etc. They carry the same blood. They have so much of love between them. Therefore a brother and a sister relationship is an ideal example for love.

Eighty percent of us have a brother or sister. Siblings are like friends, but they are permanent. Usually brothers and sisters have a love-hate relationship. I believe that even though brothers and/or sisters constantly argue, there is a bond of leadership, love and friendship.

Leadership is portrayed in each brother sister relationship. Even though parents consider a brother and sister “worst enemies” the younger sibling always looks up to the elder sibling; this is why you must always set a good example for the younger ones because studies show that siblings shape your personalities and beliefs.

Have you ever had something nice or had a favorite football team and then your younger sibling starts wanting the same thing or like the liking the same sports team? I know this has happened to me and I always call my brother a “copycat”. Then World War III erupts in my house. I’m starting to see that instead of all this arguing I can start seeing it more as a compliment, or react by being flattered rather than being angry.