10 and 7 as 10 * 10=100 and & 7*7=49 
therefore the numbers are 10 and 7. hope you like it please mark brainliest and click thanks
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Dude you are supposed to show how to find it
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Let the no.s be x and y.......; (1) x=3+y 
(2) x*x + y*y=149
Substituting (1) in (2), we get
 (3+y)2 + y*y=149
2y2+6y+9=149........(By quadratic equation)
y= 146
sum of the natural no.s= 146+149=295
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yours is wrong
the question is that the total sum is 149
No, we have to find the sum of numbers, it is not mntnd' ...and 149 is the sum of squares
Even im also confused bcos the question is not clear .......grammar is incorrect