बघुयात कोण बुद्धीमान आहॆ हॆ ❗हे गणित UPSC मुख्य परिक्षेतील आहे.फक्त वैभव अगरवाल यानेच सोडवले आहे. सोडवू शकाल?❓➕❓➕❓=301 ,3 ,5 ,7 ,9, 11, 13 ,15यापैकी अंक वापरा कोणताही अंक कितीही वेळा वापराBest of luck



7+15+(5+3)=30.. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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If you want only three numbers to be filled there, it is not possible.
Because I think we've been taught in the primary that the sum of any odd number odd times is never even. Here, the sum is given even that's 30.
But, the numbers to be filled are given odd.
And yes, please don't believe in these rumours that it has come in UPSC Examination.Its just a question that u might find on every social media.That's not possible.

Hope you understand ! Thanks :)