Jerome, usually known as "J," is the narrator who lives and works in London. He is taking a vacation along the Thames river along with two friends. J. is confident and fairly jovial, always ready to exploit the funny failures of his two friends as he tells us, the readers, his story. J. always makes himself seem better than his companions, he always seems to be "above" their immature antics.
The narrator of the novel mostly like jerome himself is a hypochondriac that is whenever he reads a patent medicine advertisement or a pill circular he came to the conclusion that he was suffering from that particular disease in its sevierist form. infact he comes to the conclusion that the disease was borne in upon him.he comes across witha wonderful sense of humour. he visits his doctor at the slightest sign of any ailment. when it comes to doing work he sounds lazy. he declares that he doesnt like sitting idle when others do the work. but when a work is to be done , he would rather like to supervise and give instructions than to sit and do the actual work. the power of observation that he displays is tremendous. as a narrator , he has vivid manner of describing things and his eyes for details add charm to the novel. his analysis of the things around and associating them with his own experiences gives depth to the novel.also he has a wonderful sense of analysing the people around. he is a loyal and trustworthy friend. he has also a great sense of humor which adds charm to the an author his language and style of writing is very poetic.