The Houyhnhnm who first discovers Gulliver and takes him into his own home. Wary of Gulliver’s Yahoo like appearance at first, the master is hesitant to make contact with him, but Gulliver’s ability to mimic the Houyhnhnm’s own words persuades the master to protect Gulliver. The master’s domestic cleanliness, propriety, and tranquil reasonableness of speech have an extraordinary impact on Gulliver. 
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The master horse was a very learned, intelligent and wise horse.He diligently compared Gulliver with Yahoo in order to find out the difference between them. when Gulliverobserved cow passing by and pointed it out to the master horse, he understood what the gulliver Wanted.He let him back into the house and ordered a mare-servant to open a room where a good quantity of milk lay in earthern and wooden vessels.He was given a large bowl full which he drank heartily found himself well refreshed. The master horse received an old steed with graet civilty and dined with him.This horse knew how to take good care of his guests and be hospitable to them.
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