There are many disadvantages of watching TV.....
1. It weakens our eyesight.
2.It disturbs the concentration of work.
3.There are many channels on TV that makes us serials which are just senseless giving no education like SAS bhu and sagish and all.....
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As we talk about modern technology this period of our's reaching a great hight of success but since there are some thing which keeps u lazy and confused let us discuss about TV
tv is one of the most common thing which we having in our home I m not saying that we do not have to watch tv anytime but we have to make a time to watch it if we watch tv every time they can make our eyes blendy and we have to put speaks on our eyes in tv there are many types of show films serial we are having but in tv there are some shows which gets us confused which make us on focussing on other things we should watch tv only for 2:00 hours not enough of time so watch tv but only for intartain not to focussing on it
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