Early Vedic Age                                                 Later Vedic Age

Women were  treated as                                 1.   Women assumed a 
    being equal with men.                                         subordinate position.
2. Worshipped a no. of nature gods,                   2. Worshipped many NEW God
    such as Varuna, Surya and Indra.                      such as Brahma, Vishnu, 
                                                                          Shiva, Rama and Krishna.
3. No temples, sacrifices and Yajnas                  3. Rituals became more compli-
    were performed as such.                                    cated than ever.
4. There were no hereditary in                             4. The priestly class was now  
    priestly class.                                                    hereditary and passed on 
                                                                            from father to son.
5. The king received money only through              5. Many other taxes and cesses 
     land revenue.                                                   were realized.
Early vedic period:-
The Aryans  first established their settlements in was here that they composed and recited hymns in praise of nature ,of their rivers and mountains and of their gods.The rig veda is the oldest religious text in the  worldhaving1028 hymns in praise of god.

Later vedic period:-
This period Aryans moved from the region of saptasindu to gangetic valley is known as the later vedic age.The Ramayana and the Mahabharata were also composed during this age.That is why this period is known as the epic age.One of the most significant developments during the later vedic age was the use of iron for making implements and weapons.
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