Consider samosa as x
consider french fries as y
x=1/2y is the equation.

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u have to give the question properly \
but the question is like that only
you can put xand y and then do the equation
ohh u need the co-ordinate ponts
sry points
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Let the calories given by Samosa be 'x' and that by French fires be 'y'.
So, the equation would be
Calories given by Samosa = ½Calories
given by French fries
x = ½y
Or 2x = y

For graph,
We need minimum two points to plot a graph.
Finding coordinates-
If x=2 ; y = 1
Coordinates of point A (2,1)

If x= 4 ; y = 2
Coordinates of Point B (4,2)

Join these points.It will give you a graph of this equation.
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