There are infinite rational numbers between -1 and 0

Take the following form:
and append any real number you can think of with finite number of digits.(eg. -0.323, -0.895217294123, -0.321482624184721924812492192041, etc)

Thereafter, keep adding these numbers to your list of rational numbers between -1 & 0.
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they r not rational numbers
who have said they are he has asked that how to find. I've written to think some finite no. and go on multiplying.
Number of rational number u have to find - 5

So multiply it by a fraction having numerator and denominator a number greater than the amount of numbers u have to find in b/w.

(-1) can also be written as -1 ×6/6 = -6/6.

So, five rational number b/w 0 and -6/6 are (-1/6),(-2/6),(-3/6),(-4/6) and (-5/6)
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I hope this helped u.This is the method used in schoos and is approved in examinations :)