Water is an inexhaustible gift of nature. Its uneven distribution in space and time has often threatened human welfare, livelihood and economic development.

(1) Rapidly Growing Population:The number of rivers, lakes, etc. is the same everywhere. The amount of water in huge water bodies is rather decreasing day by day due to less rainfall. At the same time the amount of water required to meet the demand of the population is more. This leads to water scarcity,
(2) Demand for food and cash crops:With the new innovative methods of fanning, modern scientific tools, more and more lands have been brought under agriculture. This needs more water for farming especially for the cash and food crops. This leads to scarcity of water.
(3) Urbanisation:Due to industrial growth more and more industrial towns have come up with more populations in it. The industrial towns need a lot of water for various purposes. This leads to scarcity of water.
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* drinking water is getting polluted 
*most of the water are reaching oceans since, most of the rivers are joining it
*increased population increases the water consumption