A and B are friends. A is elder to B by 5 years. B's sister C is the half the age of B while A's father D is 8 years older than twice the age of B. if the present age of D is 48 years.find the present ages of A,B and C

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Let the age of B be x.
      the age of a = 5 + x
      the age of b = x
      the age of c = x/2 
      the age of d = 8+2x
If, d=48 years then, 48=8+2x =>2x=40 => x=20 years

The present population of A = (20 + 5) years = 25 years
The present population of B = 20 years
The present population of C = (20/2) years = 10 years. 
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