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The Battle of Plassey took place on 23 June 1757 at Plassey, Murshidabad.
Results of the Battle of Plassey :
1. The British East India Company got the undisputed right to trade in Bengal, Bihar and Odisha.
2. The Company was given the zamindari rights of 24 Paraganas.
3. Mir Jafar (Siraj-ud-Daulah's Uncle) paid a huge sum of money to the Company as a gift.
Battle of plassey was a battle held on 23 June 1757 in the palshi area of murshidabad. it was battle in which the east india company won over the nawab of Bengal and took over it. it was a long war between the nawab and company. they won only because one of the minister were bribed and went against the bengal because of which india lost.
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