1. Supply of water for domestic use. 2. Construction and repairs to public roads, drains, small irrigation bandharas. 3. Maintaining sanitation and public health. 4. Construction, repairing and maintaining public buildings, grazing lands, forest public wells and tanks in good condition. 5. Lighting on roads and public places. 6. Controlling fairs, bazaars (public market) bullets cart stands. 7. Controlling and marinating village cemetery. 8. Taking part in Agricultural development. 9. Maintaining a library and opening elementary school. 10. Providing and maintaining a playground for children. 11. Construction and maintaining public latrines. 12. Watch and ward work. 13. Planting and preservation of trees on the sides of the public roads in the village. 14. Collection of taxes. 15. Providing recreational facilities through establishment of T.V. unit.