Because they play mjor role in our life

As a learning activity, arts and crafts have traditionally been passed over in favour of more academic pursuits . But craft – particularly developmentally appropriate craft activities – can aid learning in other areas like language ,music , art , social studies, science , maths , health, and nutrition.

Crafts have been around since the beginning of time when people made everything they used with their hands. Crafts were initially created for trading, selling, spiritual or artistic expression, as well as creating personal and household articles.

Today, crafts are a great pastime and educational tool for kids. It can not only keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, but also extend a child’s fine motor skills , develop concepts like colour or numbers and see scientific processes like gluing and paint drying in action.

Craft allows kids to explore ideas or concepts and then express it by making something to keep, entertain others with or simply look at for visual pleasure.

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