My favorite subject is it is a international language.and it is useful to communicate with others who can't speak in other languages. When we go abroad it is very useful and we can learn much grammar. Similarly Hindi also is a national language.
                                    My favorite subject
My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Physics, English and even Chemistry. These subjects are really essential in our day to day life. Mathematics is almost needed every where we go and physics is the work we do all day and how it is done and English we use English all over a work base, schooling time and even when we need to communicate with others and chemistry is the things which we see all around us and even reactions taking place in out day to day life. 
                  Everyone have their own favorite subjects and even  their own passion to wards that subject. Mathematics is consider as one of the tough subjects but when we understand it we can play that subject by learning many things from only one topic. Chemistry many of the students think that chemistry is very hard to learn and even it is not their cup of tea but actually they are wrong chemistry is everything around us and we can learn chemistry with all the examples. 
                   Now coming towards the English, English is a awesome subject that all most everyone would love to learn and teach to others also. English is a international language which is used to communicate with others when we don't know other familiar languages like French, Mexican or even Spanish. English is a wonderful language or even awful subject to learn all the grammar and even the usage of the language English.   
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hope so my answer is useful and mark as best if possible :D