The poem OZYMANDIAS by PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY is based on a theme which tells us that arrogance is of no use. The poem coneys us the message that 'Pride comes before a fall' and no one has the power to conquer either nature or time. The poem revolves around the King Ozymandias who was very boastful and arrogant . He use to boast about his power and how he ruled over others. But time is shown here to be more powerful than a man. As a result Ozymandias died and his statue was shattered and half sunked in the desert with no person around to take care of as he was liked by no one. Hence the message is conveyed that arrogance is of no use a person is judged by his nature and kindness and not by his power and wherever there is pride, there is fall.
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The theme of ozymandias revolves around human vanity. In the whole poem one thing is very clear that no memories lies after one's death
 like Ozymandias statue which lies withered after his death.