The peasants and the other common people protested in the following manner:
When the king Louis XI called the people of all 3 castes of the society[clergy, noblemen and the common people(which includes the peasants)] for passing the bill for an increase in the tax levied on the common people to meet the expenditure of the war; the common people i.e, the peasant representatives brought the letters of thousands regarding their protest against the rise in the taxes levied on them. Finally as the clergy and the nobles made the majority and supported the king's bill; the common men reprsentatives left the hall in protest and disapproval and joined together in the tennis court of the versallies palace and tpook an oath. Formerly the common men had broke open in to the barracks and seized the gaurdsmen there and their weapons and set the prisoners free. they also refused to their lords to work at low wages.
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The peasants,artisans and farmers were those those who belong to the Third estate and had a pay a greater share of taxes.The Nobles collected feudal dues from them .they were bound to provide services to the Nobility or feudal  lords .
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