This writing business is delightful, isn 't it? I said sarcastically at last, out loud, too. You see, I had reached the stage of imbecility when I was talking to myself. "Yes! " said a voice at the other end of the room, 'I should say it! " a) Why did the author say sarcastically "This writing business is delightful isn 't it "? b) What is the meaning of the word 'imbecility '? c) "Yes! " said a voice at the other end of the room. Whose voice was it?



A] the author says this because he had no choice but to stay in the one job he had and that was writing stories..especially the ones those gave em the thrills... and while he sat and thought , he found his mind completely blank.. 
b] imbecility in medical terms means intellectual disability but here it refers to his weak mental stability... or weak mindedness
c] the voice was of helen of troy...