yes i agree that the social media kills the face to face speaking abilities of a person because each and everyone now are encouraging this process it self if the person is standing before also they don't care that much but when it comes to the matter then they would only speak on the social media. now a days people are like i'm not going to talk to you face to face u will only talk to you on any of the social media and this has become a good trend now a days. but this is not to be encouraged because the people will become lazy and will never meet each other in their normal life instead talk to each other on the social media all day long. 
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Yes I agree with this statement. Today everyone prefer communicating through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. But due to this the humans are forgetting the face to face meeting. They are forgetting their moral values of interaction. And hence it can create family problems in the future. A person should prefer interacting on social media but side by side should not forget face to face interaction as it is also important.
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