Poverty is one of the most difficult challenge faced by independent India. Roughly 260 million people in India live in poverty. This also means India has the largest  single concentration of the poor in the world. Poverty means hunger and laack of shelter. It is a situation where  a person fails to attain thee basic facilities like medical facilities, educational facilities  and basic civil amenities.Around 2500 people die everyday due to hunger and most of them are children. Poverty is looked through various indicators like illiteracy level, lack of general resistance due to  malnutrition, lack of access to healthcare, lack of job opportunities, sanitation etc. Social exclusion is a process through which individuals or group are excluded from the basic facilities, benefits and opportunities other rich people enjoy. Vulnerability to poverty is a measure which describes the greater probability of certain communities or individuals of becoming or remaining poor in the coming years
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                              poverty as a challenge 
               yep poverty is a challenge for our country to face and even to reduce. to reduce the poverty our country's government have tried a lot but because the people are illiterate and they don't have a good knowledge they never come to know the laws and acts implemented by the government to help them out. we need to help them out to develop put country a lot. our country have a good amount of population and even half of our not even half but also three fourth people are not educated and even they don't have their basics necessities at all. it's really a bad luck to our country. all though we call our country as a developing country it's actually only developing only a technical way but  not at all in all the aspects like development of the poor in our country. the poor don't even have a 3 time full stomach meal like the rich ones they strive hard for only 1 time meal which is not even enough at all  enough for their work done. they work a lot in all the seasons in the different environmental conditions. but the rich people aren't like that they work in the A.C in the way to want to work. 
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