It can have many different types of answers according to different viewpoints.
Still I can give you mine.
                                         Autobiography of a Potato

I was born from a seed in a field of a farmer. He planted potato seeds many days ago. He took care of me and all my friends. He would irrigate the field everyday.I was born from the seed as a small potato. 

I was growing with my friends. Everyday I would become well developed and bigger. Lastly, the day came for harvesting. The farmer made a big heap of potatoes. We were very hot the moment we were taken out. 

I came to know that I the farmer who grew me up had got a deal from a company making potato chips. I was worried that I would be selected for the deal with other potatoes as I was one of the best. My fear came true. I, along with others was taken in a big truck of the company. We were put on a conveyer belt. I was surprised to see such a big factory. I knew that it were my last few moments to live. So I tried to enjoy it.

After sometime, moving along with the conveyer belts, we were washed under a shower. It ad a tickling effect on me. Then we came under a machine which cut us into pieces. I too was cut and headed towards the fryer. I was horrified to see other potatoes being fried. I too was fried and now I am in a Potato Chips Packet, waiting to be served to somebody.
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