Direction: Consider the following arrangement of letters and digits:
R 9 Z A P 1 D 2 S Q K E 5 G 7 I 3 Y U 8

Which letter/digit is 5th on the left of the letter/digit which is 8th on the right of the letter/digit which is 3rd letter that you get when you start reading from the left?
a.) E
b.) 2
c.) D
d.) 1



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Option (d)1 is the correct answer.The 3rd letter which comes when we start reading from the left is Z,the 8th letter from the right of the letter Z is K,the 5th letter from the left of the letter/digit K is 1.So,option (d)1 is the correct answer.
1 5 1
According to me answer a is correct as per following your given sequence