Ignore the subject. Which book set is best to prepare for IIT-JEE from class 6? Please suggest books for IIT-JEE from class 6. Name the books and say where would I get them in Internet (India) Please help and stay online and see comments

there is nothing which come from 6th
u should start studing 9th


Take the FIITJEE material from its site or institue from 9th and onwards 
because from 6th there is nothing comming at alll
so u start studing 9th slowly slowly from now

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Hey Lil champ just relax and cool I am in class 10 and now I am In Fiitjee coaching but my sincere advice to you according to my experience is just keep calm and focus on your school studies if you really want to Crack IIT
Use the code MANTRA"ALL IS WELL"
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my brain is confusing its the probability is 5050
Check in Aashiyana branch of lucknow
oh then nice meeting u bahiya
sorry bhai mere ek douth ke liye me rajasthan se lacnow aaau