Do u know what the whole world is chain,everything depends on one another,if there are no animals then there will be no human beings because when there are no animals there is no proper atmosphere maintained.animals are one of the most important things which maintain the ecosystem properly,so if they are  getting destroyed then the nature will also destroy itself
natural calamities occurs mainly die to distinction of animals
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•    Whenever we encroach, the habit within the region start declining •    Industrialization also disturbs the ecosystem resulting in destruction of wildlife•    Many people now bring farm animals to protect their farm from pests; however, these animals can severely harm the wildlife especially the flora and fauna. •    Although there are strict rules for protection of wildlife, even then poaching and hunting are major concerns and these activities also lead to the decrease in protected animals.•    Depletion of vegetation and soil erosion also negative effect the agricultural protection and flora and fauna.