When the vegetation is altered and the animal population is not compatible to sustain or acquire food; animals may migrate to different places in summer only thonry trees and shrubs are alive in grasslands of africa, so; wilderbeast migrates in search of food while girrafe and elephants can live on the bushes.

Another scenario ; as vegetation is altered herbivorous will not be able to acquire there food so they will migrate away since the carnivorous who was depended on these herbivores as food , absence of them will also encourage other migration ; and the given area will be inhabited with only specific animals who perfectly fit in the food chain 
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I do agree with the given statement because the vegetation is the most important and even a food source for all the animals including the human being for their survival but when the vegetation is changed typically or when it is altered then the animals also need to adapt the changes or else they would off course die with in no days and this is true. now because of pollution, global warming the vegetation is continuously altered a lot and this is making the animals also to change their life style and even their way of living in different kinds of habitats and even ecosystem. this continuous changes may cause many disaster, disaster in the sense not real one like cyclone or floods etc. these disasters are the changes in the life and the food style of the vegetation of the various animals. if the primary producers I mean plants will change a lot then then the secondary and major sectors of the one who depend on the plant would change a lot also including the humans and the animals
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