As shown in movies and read in books why is schooling always taken not very seriously in places like USA. Like they hardly show interest in studies, there are no strict rules, and no serious examinations like those we have in our tenth, intermediate etc. Is it really that way or just the movies trick to get teens. But still USA is the most developed country and has a high rate of literacy and development. how is it possible without the proper foundation of schooling?
please answer fast. it's a HOT question for my exam. help!!



Can u make question short
i want a detailed answer. so i had to add all of the doubts i had. it's quite a summarised question already. please answer if possible
I wanted to know how USA is such a developed country with all the tech and other developments when they hardly show any seriousness in schooling. ( the way it's shown on tv. dunno whether it's real or no 0