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Friend- What you have in your hand?

You- I have chocolate wrapper.

Friend - What are you doing with it??

You - I am searching for a dustbin to dispose it off..

Friend- Why to take so much pain put it in the streets

You - No it will create dirtiness, pollution and difficulty for safai karamcharis

Friend - you needn't worry about that

You - These plastics may choke the street drain which in turn may cause a flood during heavy rain and sometimes grazing animals eat this which in turn chokes them and they die and did you foget about swachh bharat abhiyaan  campaign we did last month

Friend- O my goodness! I didn't think of this. Lets put this dangerous wrapper in dustbin

You - Alright

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Thank you so much for answer my question. But sir I want the dialogue between two friends. In which I'm politely telling her for not littering on street & I also mentioned about the swach bharat aviyaan campaign.
is it ok
Yes it's totally OK. Bt I want another one which I have mentioned above. Thank you
Sir if u help me more then I'll be very grateful to you
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