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The methods of prevention of diseases in modern times is totally changed from that of the olden times. In the olden time the people used to mostly depend up on the natural and ayurvedic type of medicines which were natural and which didn't have any side effects at all but now a days this format had totally gone opposite the people now are depending all most all on the chemical and medicines or even the surgical treatment that is prescribed by the doctors. These new methods have many side effect which we cannot even expect what can happen next it might even lead to the death of the person now a days. The medicines are even not of good quality and even they are not good for our health. This new method is a way beneficial and even in other way it is even not at all beneficial. These modern methods are only sometimes beneficial and sometimes it may drag up to worst situations. but yet there are some people who depend on the ayvurvedic treatment

the different kinds of method will be :
1. Chemical treatment
2. Medical treatment
3. Surgical treatment 
4. Ayvurvedic treatment
5. Finding out new ways of treating different diseases
6. To find out the diseases causing bacteria / organism
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There are lots of methods for repelling off the diseases the prime steps are :
1) Awareness :- sharing word to local people :D
2) Maintaining Hygienic conditions :- Sterile environment will prevent microbial growth.
3) Elimination of disease vectors:- those organism which act as a mode of transmission eg-mosquito ; clearing their breeding grounds may help
4) Balanced diet :- to excel your innate immunity 
5) Healthy lifestyle :- In order to let your body function properly and feel alive 
6) Refraining from Addictions : - being addicted to any kind of drugs increases the chances of cancer 
7) Adolescence Education :- To prevent STI (sexually transmitted infections) and ensure safe sex.
8) Appropriate marriages :- both partner should be checked about their hereditary disease to prevent disease passing into the next generation.

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