Q1 Write two functions of -
1. Stems
2. Roots
4. Flowers
5. Fruits
6.Flower buds

Q2. Make a list of five coloured vegetables and name their parts we eat

Q3. Make a list of five plants and name their parts we eat

Q4. Define Herbivores, Carnivores, And Omnivores

Write answers in a neat way and simple way
I am in Std. 6 so KEEP IT SIMPLE! And informative and MOST IMPORTANT CLEAR! Write clearly the answer.



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ANSWER 1 - 1. stems :
i) the stem will support all the other small parts like fruits, flowers and even the leaves.
ii) the stem keeps the plant balanced and it see through that the plant is not totally bent towards one side it self.

2. roots :
i) the roots absorb the essential minerals from the soil while absorbing the water.
ii) the roots seep into deeper layers of the soil so that the plant / tree won't get up-rotted when the heavy winds blow.

3. leaves :
i) the leaves trap the sunlight and they make food by synthesizing the sunlight.
ii) the leaves use up the carbon-dioxide in the environment to make their own food.

4. flowers :
i) the flowers are essential for the creation of the fruits because the fruits arise for the flowers itself.
ii) for the pollination process in the plants the flowers are important thing needed.

5. fruits :
i) the fruits store the extra food / source of energy of the plat that is made by the leaves by synthesizing the sunlight
ii) the fruits contains the reproductive parts of the plants like seeds which help in increasing the population of that specie.

6. flower buds :
i) the flower buds turn into the flowers later which help in the process of the pollination in the plant.
ii) these flower buds will later turn into the fruits which contain the reproductive parts of the plants i.e. seeds.
1. brinjal : purple color : we eat the fruit obtained from that plant
2. red cabbage : red color: we eat leaves
3. leafy vegetables : green color : we eat leaves
4. carrot : orange color : we eat the root obtained for the plant
5. potato : brown color : we eat the modified stem
1. potato plant - modified stem, tuber
2. cauliflower plant - flower
3. tomato plant - fruit
4. carrot plant - root / tuber
5. radish plant - root / tuber
herbivores : these are the animals that depend on the primary producers i.e. plants and trees for their food.
example : horse, cow, deer etc.
carnivores : these animals depend on the herbivores for their food.
example : lion, tiger etc.
omnivores : these animals depend on both primary producers and even on the herbivores animals for their food
example :  bear and even crow etc.
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         Most stems are found above ground, but some of them grow underground
          Stems connect the roots to the leaves, helping to transport water, minerals, and sugars to different parts of the plant.
           roots help in the absorption of water and minerals from the soil.
          it helps in fixing the plant firmly in the soil.
            leaves are called the the manufacturer of food for the whole plant.
           these also contain tiny pores called stomata which help in intake of carbon dioxide.
              these flowers are mainly used for decorative purpose.
              these are used for pollination
             these are used as food.
               they also protect the seeds present in them
*flower bud-
                  The sepals are a division or part of the flower
              They protect the flower bud, until it swells and matures into a full blossoming flower.

     1.potato- stem
     2.carrot- root
     3.cabbage- leaves
     4.tomato- fruit
     5.methi- stem
     1.sugarcane- stem
     2.clove- flower bud
     3.peas- seeds
     4.celery- stem
     5.spinach- leaves
                       the animals which eat only green plants.
                       eg:- cow, goat
                      the animals which eat only flesh of other animals
                      eg:- lion, tiger
                      the animals which eat both flesh and plants .
                       eg:- man, fox


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