Ever since the industrial revolution, our lives have become increasingly dominated by technology. We live in a world which is dependent on labour saving devices and in which we all seem to crave the latest 'must-have' gadgets. Some people believe that technology has simplified our life, but I have my doubts about this. In many ways, our lives are now more complicated than before as a consequence of technology.

One example of how technology has made life complicated is the influence of TV and computer games. Many young people enjoy these, but have they ever thought about the problems that may arise as a result of watching TV or playing computer games too much? Many TV programmes and computer games contain obscene and inappropriate contents such as sex and violence, which may distort young people's values and lead to them developing unhealthy attitudes. Also, teenagers will often turn on the computer almost as soon as they come home from school. As a result, they may have very little face-to-face contact with other people and end up lacking normal social skills.

Another example of technology's potential to complicate our lives is in the field of telecommunications and the Internet. E-mail, MSN messenger, ICQ and mobile telephones are very popular nowadays. Although they are very convenient, people lose the opportunity to simply communicate face to face and become isolated. People also have to learn how to use this technology before they start using it; if they forgot even one simple step or do not click the right button, all their work can be destroyed. We spend so long learning how to use computer programs, and it seems that as soon as we have mastered one IT skill, a new program or an upgrade comes out, forcing us to start all over again. Technology which was supposed to help us to work more efficiently is instead eating into our free time.

An increasing number of crimes and misdemeanors are being committed online these days, too. Crimes such as downloading music or even forging credit cards are easy to commit if you have the technical know-how. Many girls go to chatrooms online where they are cheated or even seduced by men that they have never met who use false identities. We need to be aware of these risks and protect ourselves, and thus the opportunities offered by the Internet are accompanied with dangers and complications.

Also, technology makes us lazy. With the help of technology such as cars, we are able to travel from one place to another easily and so we don't have adequate physical exercise. This is bad for our health.

In all of these ways technology has made our lives more complicated and dangerous.
Technology is useful for many people