John's wife lavania buys an ouja board n arranges an ouja board party.
in that most of the elderly  women were sitting in couples.
n between each couple was  an ouija board.
the room was filled with the squeaking sound of the legs of the moving tringular things on the board mixed with conversation.
the writr tried his maximum to convience lavania to drop the idea.
bt his wife made him a partner with laura hinkle of the women frm the book club.
though his wife tried to resist..his paid no heed.
 whn the spirit descnded..laura askd it to tell something...aftr this the triangular thing moved ..n said yes .
and it startd moving towards the point out the word TRAITOR.
whn miss.hinkle askd it to explain it , it speeled..'ask him'.
john bacame vry nervous.
whn askd who is spelld HELEN.
on seeing this laura askd lavania whether she knew some1 named helen.
lavania lookd at john with suspicion aftr wch he got up..n fled his room.