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Real and distinct roots means
D^2 >0

real and equal roots means

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By solving a polynomial equation you can get more than one value for the variable, these values are the roots of the equation.
roots can be either a real number with same values or can be a real number with different values.Or It can be a complex number with same or different values.
e.g:-  ax² - bx +c = 0
This is a quadratic equation which can have  two roots.
Roots can be evaluated by solving this equation or by the the given formula:- 
               x= \frac{-b+- \sqrt{D} }{2a}
where D is discriminant. and D = b² - 4ac.
(1).  if D>0 ⇒ Roots are real but distinct.
(2). if D= 0 ⇒Roots are real and equal.
(3). if D<0 ⇒ Roots are imaginary.(i.e a complex number.)
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