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After the war, yudistra ruled hastinapura .after a long time ,he gave his kingship to parikshit ,son of uttara and abhimanyu.the pandavas and draupadi started their journey towards kailash.krishna died after ruling dwaraka for a long time, due to gandhari's curse.balram attained the divine abode while doing penance
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they were fed up with their lives and the war gave a truamatic effect.they wanted to pass their last days in a austere manner.
Nothing has been said about them too much, but we can imagine that both Subhadra and Uttara stayed at Hasinapura to take care of Parikshit.
parikshit wasmade the king
but nothing was said about subhadra
yuyuthsu was also alive on the kauravas' side.
After the war all the kauravas were dead except ashwaddama,kripa kritavarma were alive. yudishtara ruled hasthinapura pandavas went to himalayas,krishna was died because of gandhari's curse.
balarama after took part in battle leading to destruction of yadu dynasty
he cant bear disappearence of krishna and sat in meditating position and left this world.
yuyuthsu was also alive on the kauravas' side.
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bt about Subhadra what happened to her??
there are some sayings that subhadra disappeared suddenly but there was no proof
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